General Enquiries

Any general enquiries should be directed at

Reports of Abuse

HelloDodo takes reports of abuse very seriously; please email any reports to

Support (for existing customers only)

Please use Dodo365 to find support contact options.

Systems' Administrator

To contact our systems' administration team, email

DNS Master

Note: To, for example, report an issue with a DNS server's configuration - use dedicated abuse, support, and enquiries inboxes.

To prevent misuse of inbox, we make it harder to find our DNS email. Please use the information below:

What you'll need to do...

To find our DNS email address, you'll need to perform an SOA (Start of Authority) lookup on the domain, then convert the rname value from DNS email format to standard format.

How to do that...

Visit and under the "SOA" table look for the rname value - this is the email in DNS format. To convert from DNS format to standard format, replace the first . with an @ (eg ->